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Table Rock Lake Resort "Quiet, Peaceful and Secluded"


Tanglefoot Resort is a Table Rock Lake Resort located in the midst of the Ozark hills on Table Rock Lake. It provides a natural woodland setting away from the crowds, with lots of wildlife. Our woods are especially beautiful in the spring and fall.

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Our resort is perfect for couples, families, and the young-at-heart who love nature and water sports. You can fish, swim in the crystal clear Table Rock Lake or just relax in our serene location on our screened porches and decks.  Table Rock Lake is known for lunker bass, crappie, catfish and blue-gill.

CREATION OF TABLE ROCK Since its creation in 1959 Table Rock Lake has been considered one of the premier multi-species fisheries in our nation. Here are a few facts about Table Rock Lake. Table Rock Lake was formed by damming the White River, it is a hydroelectric & flood-control Highland Reservoir/Impoundment not a lake, at normal pool (915 msl) its waters cover 43,100 acres with a shoreline of 745 miles, while at flood pool (931 msl) its waters cover 52,300 acres with a shoreline of 857 miles. Its maximum depth at normal pool is 220 feet & its waters are in both the state of Missouri & Arkansas with over 90% of its waters being in southwest Missouri & the balance being in northwest Arkansas. Table Rock Lake is fed by 3 major tributaries, Long Creek, the James River & the Kings River. Only 15% of the lakes shoreline has been developed, the Western or Upper Section of the lake is the more developed (busier / crowded) section with numerous facilities available, the Eastern or Lower Section of the lake is considered the quieter section with fewer recreational boaters, less traffic, & fewer facilities. Regardless of the type of facility you are looking for or are in need of they are available in either section of the lake but you will find them to be more numerous & closer together in the Western or Upper Section.

As the lake bottom is comprised of limestone, bedrock, chunk rock, and gravel, little if any aquatic vegetation (weeds) will be found in the lake when at normal (915 msl) or below normal pool. By far the dominant cover (fish holding habitat) found on Table Rock Lake is timber, the type of cover will vary but you will find the following in abundance throughout the lake.